Registration for Enrichment "E" Program Placement Consideration 2021-2022

Registration for placement consideration in the Enrichment "E" Program for the 2021-2022 school year is only available to students currently enrolled and attending Grades 4 through 7 in the BRRSD. Online registration closes Wednesday, February 3, 2021. LATE REGISTRATION WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Students currently enrolled in an E class do not need to re-register for that class/subject area. Grade 4 Accelerated Mathematics students in good standing will automatically roll up into Grade 5 E Mathematics and do not need to register for 5E Math consideration. If E ELA is desired, registration for that would be necessary. Students currently enrolled in Grade 6 will all take the MAP for Mathematics test in March as part of our spring grade level administration of the MAP assessments. This administration will automatically be used (Universal Screening) to determine Grade 7 Mathematics course placement; as such, no registration is needed for Grade 7 E Mathematics or Grade 7 Algebra. If other subject area E classes are desired, registration is required for those subjects.

Any questions regarding this form or the E Program can be addressed by the Office of Special Programs at 908-685-2777 X937593 or via e-mail to

Registration Form

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