Bikers go above and beyond and entertain JFK students and staff

Bikers go above and beyond and entertain JFK students and staff

Professional bike riders took off to the delight of the students and staff at the John F. Kennedy Primary School.

 National Bike to School Day was celebrated at JFK with a special presentation by Dialed Action Sports, a BMX Bike Stunt Show on Wednesday, May 3.

Principal Aldo Russo of JFK explained the exciting fun-filled adventures of the day at the school.

“ This is a choreographed performance with aerial and ground stunts such as backflips and 360 spins done with XGames-style ramps. During the morning performance the AM Kindergarten, 2nd, and 3rd graders cheered on the BMX riders as they raced to jump over 3rd-grade teachers Mrs Pennisi and Miss Cook! This was followed by a stunt jump on the big ramp over Principal Russo and our substitute Mrs. Hawley! Fortunately, both jumps were successful!

The afternoon performance was for the PM Kindergarten, 1st, and 4th graders. They too were eager to see the fantastic flips and kicks off the gymnasium wall! The louder the cheering, the higher the rider flew! This time the riders made a jump over THREE teachers at once! First grade Ms. Bauer, gym teacher Mr Cirino, and 4th grade Mr. Segal each held their breath while a BMX rider sailed over them. Our brave 4th grade teachers Miss Esponda and Ms. Fedorchak climbed onto the big ramp in time for a flip over their heads! Both performances integrated bike safety and anti-bullying into the show. 

In addition to setting up this event, the JFK PTO was able to raffle two bicycles to our JFK Cubs! Our winners, Joey and Jenna, are headed to Pops Bike Shop in Somerville to pick up their brand-new Giant XTC and Liv Enchant bikes, along with a year of free maintenance! A big thank you to Pops Bike Shop and to all our teachers and staff who endured endless screams, gasps, and cheers today!”