Award-winning author shared kindness that inspired JFK students

Award-winning author shared kindness that inspired JFK students

An award-winning author continued her mission about more than reading and writing when she presented to the students at the John F. Kennedy Primary School on Friday, April 26.

“The JFK Primary School welcomed author Lisa Caprelli for a fun-filled day of assemblies,” said Justin M. Boyle, JFK’s dedicated Librarian.

Mr. Boyle, who coordinated the visit by Ms. Caprelli, shared her background.

“Ms. Caprelli is a Latina Author, Speaker, and Songwriter. She grew up as a very shy girl and from a large Hispanic family with humble beginnings in El Paso, Texas.  She made writing and entrepreneurship her life. She is now on a USA book tour to share inspirational messages about kindness, joy, and giving back,” according to Mr. Boyle.

Ms. Caprelli’s summary also stated that her journey includes behind-the-scenes innovations and how she changed her life thanks to teachers and family! She shows students how they, too, can tap into their creativity and talents! She has published 20-plus books in English & Spanish and created the “Unicorn Jazz™ The The Thing I Do” series for Amazon Prime TV and YouTube.