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The cornerstone for John F. Kennedy School was installed in 1963. On September 9, 1964, the school opened its doors to 355 students, fourteen classroom teachers, and its first principal, Mrs. Bernice Franchino. She was followed by Samuel Narr, Martin Grieshaber, Marilyn Topcik, Rosemary Hrinko and Joseph Walsh.

Today, John F. Kennedy School houses 21 classes, an extensive auxiliary staff, and its principal, Mr. Aldo Russo. During its history, the school has experienced in-depth development of its educational program, school activities, physical plant and community involvement. Many of its graduates have moved on to leadership roles and academic achievement at the middle school, high school and college levels. The music and art programs continue to play a predominant role throughout the school year. The PTO has been an active contributor through the years. Its fund raising activities have brought many fine additions to the classrooms, library, all-purpose room, computer lab and playground. Because parents, principals, and teachers work so well together now, as well as in the past, John F. Kennedy School continues to maintain a high level of commitment to every aspect of the education of its students.